The Waterbuffer Foundation was founded in October of 2012 to promote the application of local fresh water buffering solutions in the subsurface for sustainable fresh water supply.

By bringing businesses, knowledge institutions and governmental agencies together, the foundation is creating a platform and stimulates hence the use of subsoils for a future-proof fresh water supply.

It primarily focuses on increasing knowledge and understanding in the field of subsoil buffering of fresh water, broadening the network of involved parties and encouraging knowledge developments and innovations.


The Waterbuffer Foundation focuses on local water buffer solutions. The objective is to increase the efficiency of fresh water use, through:

  • interception of fresh water
  • storage of fresh water in the subsurface
  • strengthen and thicken shallow fresh water lenses
  • suppress salty seepage
  • recovery of fresh water in times of drought, and
  • reduce flooding.

The foundation seeks to achieve its objective by:

  • identifying, evaluating and exchanging knowledge, insights and experiences,
  • initiating and conducting research and experiments, and promoting experimentation by third parties
  • promoting the integration and embedding in policy and/or regulations, and
  • raising funds for research, experiments and other activities for a wider application of subsoil buffering of fresh water.



Within two years:

              1. the underground storage of fresh water is a main topic on the political and administrative agenda

              2. the potential of wider application is well-known, and

              3. the attention to this subject is secured and integrated in knowledge, innovation and/or implementation programmes of other agencies.

For more information please contact Carl Paauwe 

email:  cpaauwe(at) 
phone: +31 - (0) 651286779